About the x-ray examination:

  • The x-ray examination is painless.
  • It only takes few seconds.
  • The report is issued within minutes (according to the type of examination ) if required.

Our CBCT examination has much less exposure dose than that of the conventional medical CT.

Appointments & working hours:

  • No appointment reservation is need.
  • Our working hours are: Daily from 12 pm till 10 pm
    except Thursdays & Fridays.

Instructions before making an x-ray:

  • All metallic accessories in the head & neck region must be removed e.g. ear rings, hair pins, eye glasses, removable metallic dentures, necklace …etc.
  • All removable appliances in the mouth must be removed before the examination especially the metallic dentures, while fixed restorations such as a fixed bridge or filling do not require removal.
  • Females who are pregnant or suspecting pregnancy must inform our staff about their condition before entering the x-ray room.
  • Movement of the patient during exposure to x-ray is completely prohibited.
  • Persons accompanying the patient are not allowed to enter the x-ray room.

In case of a surgical guide requested:

  • Patients with some of their teeth missing should bring either a digital or physical cast model of the examined jaw with them, & in case they don not have one, we can take an impression for them to obtain a cast model with an extra charge.
  • Patients having all of their teeth missing are required to bring their denture with them & inform us about this condition before making the examination.


  • Our Commitment towards the Referred Patients is Only Limited to the Requested Services without any Treatment.
  • The justification for exposure to an x-ray examination is determined by the referring dentist according to the history & clinical examination performed in his/her clinic.